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Filtered Handheld Shower Head Body Spray Water Saving Ionic Showerhead Helps With Dry Skin And Hair

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Manufacturer Description

FlowTec's Hand Held Filtered Shower Head Gives You A Spa Experience - At Home

When you picture a spa, a vision of fancy, expensive equipment probably comes to mind.

But what if we told you that a spa experience is possible - with just a simple shower head that you can install in minutes, on to any standard shower hose?

Seven Settings

Yes, our FlowTec handheld shower head has a detachable sprayer, and seven different settings, including four body spray options - Rainfall, Massage, Mist, and High-Pressure Pulsating Massage.

Softer Skin

These days, we are surrounded by impurities and harsh chemicals, so the last place you want to find them is when you're trying to cleanse yourself.

That's why we built a triple-filter showerhead filter system, which includes White Medical Stones, Gray Tourmaline Beads and Red Germanium Beads, right into our showerhead filter.

Together, these filters create a negative ionization process to reduce chlorine, remove harmful substances, and help you better absorb nutrients, leaving you with softer, cleaner skin and hair.

And as an added bonus, they also keep your shower head clean, free from rust, and in perfect working order too.


Laser-cut cone-shaped holes help you save on your water bill, although customers say it doesn't feel like you're using an eco-shower head at all.

You Never Need To Change The Filters

That's right - the beads and stones will keep on filtering for a lifetime, which means no having to buy replacement filters and fiddle around dismantling anything. It truly is a set and forget system once you install it.

Great For All The Family

The choice of settings means our shower head is also great for washing babies and bathing pets.

Get Your FlowTec Hand Held Filtered Shower Head Today And Enjoy The Luxury Of A Spa In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Product Features

PROTECTS AND SOFTENS YOUR SKIN AND HAIR - The triple filter system, including Red Germanium, Grey Tourmaline and White Medical Stones protects you from chemicals, reducing chlorine and absorbing harmful substances in the air, giving you softer skin and hair, and optimum deodorization. Great for your RV too! ENJOY SPA LUXURY AT HOME - Can you imagine how pampered and invigorated you'll feel under our large FlowTec shower head with its detachable sprayer and seven settings, including 8 body spray choices (Rainfall, Massage, Mist, Pulsating Massage and more) ECONOMICAL AND ECOLOGICAL - The unique laser-cut cone-shaped holes help you save on your water bill, but it won't feel like you're using an eco-shower head at all. In fact, this shower head is great for both babies and pets too. Only uses 1.66 GPM of water NEGATIVE IONIZATION FOR SOFTER SKIN - Thanks to the gray tourmaline beads, a negative ion process is created that helps your skin better absorb nutrients and stay softer. These beads also deal with hard water and prevent a build-up of rust, keeping both your skin and the shower head clean. EASY TO INSTALL AND MAINTAIN - Our FlowTec shower head attaches to any standard shower hose (not included) in minutes, and you'll never have to change the filters because they last for a lifetime.

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