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Brondell H2O+ Circle Water Saving Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System, WQA Gold Seal Certified

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Manufacturer Description

Reverse osmosis (RO) devices today are actually bulky, hard to put in, and several require electrical energy and pumps to function. Very most notably, traditional RO devices are actually very inept, wasting up to 24 quarts from water for each quart from drinkable water! Brondell's Circle Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System takes advantage of copyrighted brand-new modern technology to get rid of back-pressure, producing it up to 10 opportunities a lot more efficient in comparison to present traditional RO devices. In addition, the Circle RO Water Filter gets rid of any kind of need for electrical energy through integrating the tank and filters. Brondell's Circle is actually an all-in-one, easy-to-install full system. The Brondell H2O+ Circle RO Water Filter's exclusive Smart Valve and distinct rounded tank style are actually the keys to its efficient style. This exclusive modern technology gets rid of back-pressure on the RO membrane filter, making the Circle RO Water Filter a leader in RO effectiveness. The Circle RO Water Filter lessens wastewater to approximately 2.1 quarts for each quart from drinking water-- up to 10 opportunities a lot more efficient in comparison to several traditional RO devices currently being marketed (and in many cases, also over 10 opportunities as efficient). Moreover, the Circle RO Water Filter's refill cost is actually greater than twice as rapid as non-electric devices, and similarly as swiftly as those with electrical pumps. Our experts've additionally simplified setup and maintenance with functions including auto-flushing, twist-and-seal filter improvements, and "quick-connect" connections. The Brondell H2O+ Circle RO Water Filter provides water cost savings, electrical power cost savings, and space-savings - all in a gorgeous, simplified style. The Circle Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System takes advantage of four different enhanced water filters, greatly lessening industrial chemicals, metals, pesticides, weed killers, total dissolved solids (TDS), unstable natural compounds (VOCs), bacteria, and bad flavors and scents. Lower dangerous chemicals like fluoride; atrazine; hexavalent & trivalent chromium; chlorobenzene; trihalomethanes; methoxychlor; endrin; 2,4-D; benzine; DBCP; pentavalent arsenic; barium; radium; cadmium; top; and aesthetic bleach from your faucet water for a well-balanced house and family members. The Circle RO Water Filter simply puts up under your home kitchen counter, and every thing needed for setup is actually consisted of. This is actually the fastest, best, most stylish, and the majority of efficient premium reverse osmosis system readily available.

Product Features

WATER SAVING SMART TECHNOLOGY - up to 10 times more efficient than conventional RO systems DESIGNER CHROME FAUCET with integrated LED filter change indicator (included) SPACE SAVING COMPACT DESIGN leaves plenty of room for under sink storage QUICK CHANGE TWIST AND SEAL FILTERS, non-electric design (no pumps or electricity required) WQA GOLD SEAL CERTIFIED four-stage reverse osmosis filtration for NSF/ANSI Stds 42, 53, 58, and 372

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