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Express Water 11 Stage UV Ultraviolet + Alkaline + Reverse Osmosis Home Drinking Water Filtration System 100 GPD RO Membrane Filter - Deluxe Faucet - Clear Housing - Pressure Gauge

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Manufacturer Description

Filtration Process

1st Stage: 5 Micron Sediment Filter
Removes Silt, Dirt, Rust, Scale, Sediment, Coarse Sand and also Sand coming from water.2 nd Stage: G.A.C. Filter
Takes out chlorine, all natural chemicals, suspended fragments, abnormal tastes and also stenches, gunk and also other chemicals found in tap water.3 rd Stage: Carbon Block
Takes out chlorine, all natural chemicals, suspended fragments, abnormal tastes and also stenches, gunk and also other chemicals found in tap water.4 th Stage: Reverse Osmosis Membrane (100 GPD)
Removes pollutants like Bacteria, Viruses, Pesticides, Ai, Pb, Compact disc, Hg, Total Dissolved Solids featuring many other unhealthy pollutants.5 th Stage: Alkaline Remineralization 5 Stage Inline
Rises approximately 20% more Oxygen in your consuming water. Materials body system with crucial minerals including Ca, Milligrams, K, Na.
Keeps your body system's pH degree harmonized with pH+ water. Boosts Energy and also Hydration confess mini collection innovation.6 th Stage: UV Ultraviolet Light
Decontaminates and also sterilizes the water to properly eliminate approximately 99.99% of , viruses, micro-organisms and also dangerous bacteria including E. Coli, Fungi, Algae, and so on

7th Stage: Post Carbon Inline Quick Connect
The inline filter stabilizes the water taste premium and also additional removes any sort of signs of poor tastes and also odors.Parts List 11

Stage Reverse Osmosis System 4 Gallon NSF approved Storage Tank Non-air space professional RO Faucet Seep Stopper Run off Saddle Color Tubing Flow Restrictor ASO Valve Nourish Valve Real estate Wrench Tension Gauge Sizes Filtering Unit W 15"x
H 17 1/4"x D 5"Storage Tank W 11"x
H 16"x DIA 11"Faucet W 5"x H 11"x BD 2".

Product Features

Removes up to 99% of contaminants including lead, fluoride, chlorine, arsenic, bacteria, virus, heavy metals etc... System is 100% LEAD FREE in all Parts included - Solid BPA FREE Materials for Anti-Contamination 5-Stage Natural Alkaline Remineralization Enhances Water pH+ & Activated Oxygen Levels. Supplies Essential Electrolytes & Minerals such Ca, Mg, K, Na. Boosts Energy and Hydration levels with micro cluster technology UV Ultra Violet Sterilizer removes 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, & cyst. Stainless steel housing 1 Year Warranty & Satisfaction Guarantee with USA Lifetime Technical Support in California 800-992-8876

Sally Nuzenski
This wasn't my first rodeo with a filtration system. Others that I used died within two years. The water quality wasn't great. This one is now five years old and it's still turning out great tasting water. It's supposed to be a mineral tasting water but to me it's just pure water. Our water comes from the Sacramento River. It's not bad but it's not great and this system makes it taste pure.
What's even better than the taste of the water is the service from the company. I've had to call them one time with a problem and they were great. Installation took about 45 minutes. Filter changes take about 20 minutes because you have to remind yourself how to put them in again.

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