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Express Water 6 Stage Deionization + Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System 100 GPD

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Manufacturer Description

Express Water reverse osmosis innovative water filter system.

Your way of getting unlimited, fresh, great tasting, cleansed drinking water with reverse osmosis technology at an economical rate. Express Water is your premier producer and supplier of under counter reverse osmosis and filtration systems. Our RO systems are produced and developed to fulfill industry standards with as much as 99% removal of pollutants that are discovered in your water today. Built Quality standards are backed by our 1 year Limited Guarantee.

Our easy-to-install RO systems filter the pollutants, chemicals, impurities, and solids discovered in Tap and Well waters. Each product is shipped with basic, easy-to-follow directions.

With the right under counter water filter, households can conserve the thousands of dollars annually that they would have invested purchasing mineral water and be more secure in the long run. Make the best option for your household, today.

To find the very best under counter water filter, the first step is to identify exactly what you are up against.

The water we get in our homes is filled with lots of unsafe impurities. According to a research study, tap water has actually been found to consist of a couple of from 81,000 contaminants at one point or the other. Of these, around 2100 are known carcinogens.

Chlorine and fluoride are 2 chemicals our water companies themselves add into the water. Chlorine is utilized to kill the bacteria in the water, and fluoride is expected to prevent oral decay in children.

Reality is - chlorine is a harsh chemical that can lead to rectal and bladder cancer in the long run. Fluoride too causes more harm than good and can result in oral and skeletal fluorosis.

Pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs, heavy metals and microorganisms are other contaminants that are plentiful in tap water. The health risks that these pollutants present are many.

Using the under counter water filter is likewise a much cheaper and more efficient service than buying mineral water, too. Bottled water is just required to be as good as faucet water, not much better, so those who are buying bottled brands to secure their health and bodies are running under a fiction that has been encouraged by the mineral water industry. Even the FDA and the National Resource Commission concur that bottled disappears than glorified tap water.

EPA Recognized:

According to the US Epa (EPA), consuming faucet water breaks the EPA safety requirements under the Clean Water Act. Nevertheless, bottled water is likewise not a good substitute to unfiltered faucet water, since bottled water has actually not gotten EPA approval. There can be numerous contaminants in your drinking water that can cause severe health problems. One such harmful pollutant is 'cyst'. The EPA acknowledges reverse osmosis under its standards as it successfully removes cyst, trace element and other liquified solids.

Removes Nearly All Liquified Toxins:

Reverse Osmosis is among the most reliable residential water filtration systems due to the extreme filtration procedure it follows. All RO systems work by pushing water through a semi-permeable membrane (filter) made from cellulose acetate. This filtration procedure eliminates all the organic chemicals and hazardous minerals. Normal reverse osmosis consists of a pre-filter to get rid of sediments, a water reservoir, a post filter to remove smell and dark color, and a waste spigot. This makes up the complete system, which in addition to getting rid of all pollutants, assists in easy point of usage.

Convenient for Every Residential Requirement:

Various RO devices can be purchased and set up according to various family requirements. The systems are different in size and type. Homes can facilitate options by considering portable counter-top units, under the sink water filters or point of entry, for whole-house consumption. Where the spending plan allows, one can go with the top-of-the-line gadget, although the fundamental unit costs just a couple of hundred dollars. Nevertheless, all the units whether costly or cheap usage the very same innovation.

We do testing on all of our water filtrations systems.

These tests include:

  • Air Leak Test
    Every system is checked for leaks using an air injection pressure test. This helps to makesure that all of the systems are leak free directly from the factory.
  • Water Pressure Test
    All of our components are developed after a rigorous water pressure testing to ensure the best durability during normal working conditions
  • Cycle Resistance Test
    All of our filter housings are tested with a cycle resistance methoud. This helps to make sure that you get the best life out of housing as we can. 

Our easy-to-install RO bodies filter the pollutants, impurities, chemicals, and solids located in Tap and well waters. Each item is transported with simple, easy-to-follow directions.

Specifications and features

1st phase: 5 micron Melt-Blown polypropylene sediment clears away sizable particles such as sand, gunk, sand, and decay particles.

Second phase: gac triggered carbon filters: clears away chlorine, odors and preferences from lots of organic materials.

3rd phase: 5 micron carbon filters: block carbon filters crafted from alright coconut shell carbon. Removes chlorine, preferences, odors, VOC and various other common chemicals.

4th phase: sparse film membrane layer RO membrane layer: TFC membrane layer is the major part from any reverse osmosis device. Delivers as much as 99 per-cent decline price from micro-organisms and chemicals.

5th phase: inline coarse-grained carbon filter: polishing filters; maintain the water sampling high qualities and additional clears away any indications from negative styles and odors. 6th phase: demineralization by Ionization- clears away hard water minerals via an ion substitution method.

6th stage: demineralization by Ionization- removes hard water minerals through an ion exchange process.

Product Features

REMOVES up to 99% of Contaminants with REAL Reverse Osmosis Technology with SUPREME Quality Filters.

System is 100% LEAD FREE in all Parts

Included -

  • Solid BPA FREE Materials for Anti-Contamination Demineralization by Ionization
  • Removes hard water minerals through an ion exchange process
  • 1 Year Warranty & Satisfaction Guarantee 100 GPD Gallons Per Day Capacity
  • Deluxe Faucet

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