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Filtered Shower Head with 3 High Pressure Spray Settings - Removes Chlorine and Hard Water - Prevents Hair and Skin Dryness - Eliminates Bacteria and Purifies Water - 10,000 Gallon Filter Capacity

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Manufacturer Description

Give your own self a healthy and balanced delight with every downpour utilizing our one-of-a-kind PureActionTM PA-W388 Filtered Shower Head.

The PureAction Showerhead is an ingenious piece as well as a masterclass from contemporary technology. That doesn't only act as an outlet for water yet is especially created to eliminate as much as 90% from chlorine, lead, metals, chemicals as well as unwell chemicals, as well as liquified minerals present in difficult water such as calcium mineral, magnesium mineral, as well as manganese. Removing all these dangerous drugs provides you a far healthier as well as smoother skin that will definitely increase your assurance as well as stay clear of skin dryness, hair loss as well as microbial infiltration as this tool washes your water removing germs as well as incorporating air all at once to nourish as well as support your skin. Shower scalp filtration unit is crafted from 3 component parts an ion carton, filter sponge as well as calcium mineral sulfite rocks.

Special Features:
- Adjustable Head
- Easy Tool Free Installation
- NPT 1/2" Connection (Standard for US as well as EU)
- 3 High Pressure Settings: Power Main, Massage, Rain
- Best Performance Water Temperature: -36 F to 113F (2C to 45C)
- The Filter Cartridge will should be substituted every 8-10 months

PureAction Filtering Shower Head is quite easy to mount as well as can be readied to perform in 3 other ways such as Rain, Power Rain as well as Massage. That is additionally efficient as it conserves your water, thus is your funds as well. Included 3" Stainless steel skin plate with cutting-edge Micro-Nozzle Technology enriches water stress while taking in a lot less water. Through this exceptional downpour scalp, you won't only receive a bathtub yet additionally a life-saving procedure with each downpour.

ONE HUNDRED% Satisfaction Guarantee! Backed up with our Unbeatable Lifetime Warranty as well as 100% Money Back Guarantee

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Product Features

SOFTENS HARD WATER & REMOVES CHLORINE: PureAction filtration system removes up to 90% of Chlorine and other dissolved solids (including lead) and gets rid of bacteria and inhibits the growth of scale fungi and mold. It's made of 3 components - an ion box, filter sponge and calcium sulfite stones. The showerhead filter needs to be replaced every 8-10 months TAKES CARE OF YOUR SKIN & HAIR by removing harmful toxins and chemicals from your daily routine. Balances water PH and charges it with antioxidant negative ions. After the first shower you will notice immediate improvement in the condition of your skin, hair and nails. Imagine your skin silky smooth and less itchy MONEY & WATER SAVER: According to the EPA a shower head must have a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute or under to be called water efficient. The PureAction PA-W388 Filtered Shower Head is a water efficient showerhead. The Micro-Nozzle Technology helps you to decrease your water consumption to a low flow rate of 2.5 GPM without sacrificing output pressure. There are 3 settings - Rain, Massage (non pulsating) and Power Rain (combined) EASY INSTALLATION: Easy and fast installation with no tools. Installs in minutes, simply fit and screw. Works with all standard 1/2 Inch pipe threads. The PureAction shower head easily unscrews, making it effortless to replace the negative ion box when needed BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Our goal is to give you the best quality products at the best price possible. That's why PureAction is backed by our 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE policy - you are fully satisfied with your product or receive your money back. Just give us a call or send an email and we will respond to any messages from our customers within hours

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